#TakahashiJuri, a member of J-Pop girl group AKB48 and recent contestant on Mnet’s “#Produce48,” sent out a special greeting to the fans who supported her during the show’s run.

source: allkpop.com

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  1. to be honest…she is one of the most talented japanese trainees…her korea’s pronunciation sounds good too…really sad that she couldn’t make it to IZONE…

  2. Ma baby :”3
    We love you, even though you didnt make it, i will support you
    Who’s with me?!!

  3. the most underrated for me
    has talent can sing rap dance and is good in korean
    hope she becomes more successful

  4. Juri is one of the best tbh and shes in A class but she had barely any screentime

  5. don’t worry juri you’ll debut as 4tune8 with the other 7 too!

  6. I Love juri i want him to top12 but we all know that not all our bias can put in top12 because their a limited slots only

  7. Juri should’ve debuted and thats just facts! She can talk in Korean and has talent! Shes also in top 16 in AKB48 too!

  8. I’m happy that juri gain more fans now.じゅりさん、頑張ってください

  9. I like your stufftoy

  10. Even though I’m korean I was a big fan of her TT
    Replace her with nako or hitomi

  11. She is one of my bias on japan trainee ❤ good job and take care juri

  12. i will always support you captain

  13. The real visual here..more beautiful than the ‘visual’ in the group..right?huhu..lol


  15. I’m happy she’s happy but I’m still salty she didn’t made it

  16. Cant help about it since she is NEXT AKB BOSS 🙁 its impossible if akp allowed her to debut with izone

  17. Support Juri-chan guys !! In Akb48 or maybe in the group for eliminated trainees if they were gonna make it 🙂

  18. She shoul debut to

  19. PLEASE DEBUT WITH #4tune8

  20. Juri-ah~

  21. Keran rapper!

  22. i think Koreans was just careful members like miru and juri has a lot of photo shoots and a lot of gravure shot’s this could just start a stir any time among netz and make them hate them.

  23. There is wrong translation, “There is noting I feel sorry about” ————> “You should not feel sorry to me” (미안해 할거 없어요)