Fans are angry that BTS is working with AKB48 producer Akimoto Yasushi!
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  1. BTS and BH have a firm belief and i will trust and support them no matter what. nothing is finalized yet. and KARMYs are doing their best in relaying this things to BH. as I’ARMY the only thing i could do is support BTS and hope everything will be okay in the end. this is sensitive for ARMYs from both countries. this won’t destroy us. we’ve overcome so many hardships so far. this won’t break us.

  2. Wait…what?
    Does that mean their music will sound different?!
    Or is it Just a didn’t producer????
    I only trust the one and only bang si hyuk

  3. So y’all telling me there music style is about to change i mean I’ll still listen to there music but us army gotta really chill lets let BTS work this out lets not forget they are human,smart,talented :>

  4. Many fans around the world… ARMYs!!! Please help BTS from crazy Bang(Big hit) and crazy Akimoto Yasushi ㅜㅜ

  5. Whatever choice BTS or BigHit make I will still support them thru thick and thin

  6. Fans should support BTS no matter what.

  7. Being an Army means having loyalty. Having faith and putting your trust into our boys and their company. They make a decision, we may not like it, but we haven’t even seen or heard the music yet. I understand it’s the principal of the situation. But as an Army, you support whatever decision they choose . We are one of the best fandoms in the world, don’t make our boys suffer or feel bad because you don’t like a choice they made. Who knows, maybe the collaboration will work well. Love BTS, Love Armys, Love yourself.

  8. What is right winger? Sorry I’m dumb :

  9. Hiiii I love ur vids

  10. Whatever it will be but remember armys the song is going to be produced after so many meeting and if any of the member or any company member who all are included in making music from bighit don’t like the lyrics or producing they will do something about this
    And trust our boys and bighit producers If they all are approving of something altogether then trust them they always try to make something better

  11. I am 42 year old Korean mom living in Canada. I explain the situation of BTS collaboration with this Japanese producer. Why so many Korean people and Korean Armys are against this collaboration. Reason 1, this guy supports Japanese government which justify Korea was a colony of Japan and Japan should be a center of Asia. Also, the Japanese government never apologized to Korean people for the issue of Korean comforting women who were kidnapped by Japanese soldiers during second World war. Reason 2, he wrote a very disgusting lyric about taking off school girl’s school uniform and he looks down on women and he sexualize (like porno) the girl group in music production. Also, as a music producer he made the girl group to wear Nazi’s uniform on the stage. Reason 3, this Japanese market force BTS to sing in Japanese by contract. Korean people feel that Japanese will make Korean group into Japanese group like cultural colony by big money control. BTS do not make English album, but BTS and other K-pop groups are forced to make Japanese album, because they pay a lot of money to groups when they sing in Japanese. Again, they are trying to make cultural colony over Korea. And this collaboration was arranged by Bang PD in Big Hit entertainment and K-armys know this is against general Korean people’s emotion and feeling, as a result this will cause big damage to BTS reputation. That is why Korean people and K-armys are requesting the cancellation of this collaboration. It looks like a Jewish group work with racist, sexist, and Nazi supporter. I love BTS but personally I do not like BTS sing in Japanese under company’s control and contract with Japanese market.

  12. idk how to feel about this.

  13. All I say is that I’ll just truct support them no matter what, until death due us apart.