The crew back again talking about recent events in the IZ*One and 48 world. This time around we give our thoughts about the coupling songs you get with NO WAY MAN, Robin expresses his love for IZ*one chu and who are going to replace Yabuki Nako, Miyawaki Sakura and Honda Hitomi??? This all and more and
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  1. The kpop side bringing you the latest kpop gossip:

     If you are falling love with IZ*ONE you should watch the variety shows they are in! They have been to 2 big ones: Idol room and Weekly idol. I REALLY loved their idol room episode and weekly idol was really fun too. It is really amazing that they got to go there straight from debut as those shows don’t usually invite rookies and if they do, they invite 2-3 at the same time as a rookie special.

    IZ*ONE is also nominated for Rookie of the Year award by MAMA. (Mnet award show) Most kpop fans don’t like it, because the nomination breaks MAMA’s own rules. (Comeback/debut must have taken place 14 days before nomination, Lver was 4 days before nomination) People don’t like MAMA and they are usually referred to as a snake. 2 out of the 3 biggest kpop companies are boycotting it this year.

    A thing that came up that also sparked a bit of controversy among kpop fans and aroused a bit of dislike for IZ*ONE (Not a lot). Their debut MV La vie en Rose was revealed to be originally meant for a group called CLC. About 1 min was revealed of the song with CLC vocals and them practicing the choreo. Most people don’t blame IZ*ONE though, but blame CLC’s company Cube. Cube is surrounded with a lot of controversy recently anyways. (If you are interested in why look up Cube Hyuna and E’dawn)

    In kpop there is a saying, you don’t pick a bias, the bias picks you. You will know when you have a bias and don’t worry about it when you haven’t got one. You can also always have a bias wrecker, who is your 2nd favorite.

    The difference with view count comes from the fact that we probably have a bit more fans and because we do this thing called streaming (Some fandoms are better at it, some do it less). It is quite a complicated thing to execute successfully, but I assure you no bots are used and for every view the MV is watched from begginning to end.

    Some things I just feel like sharing:

    Fun Kpop Lingo – Stuck in the [insert company name] dungeon. It is used when talking about an idol who hasn’t been promoted or released songs in a long time. All trainees are also considered to be in the dungeon. So if I say Blackpink has been stuck in the YG dungeon for a year now, it means Blackpink hasn’t been promoting for a year. You can also say Jihyo was in the JYP dungeon for 10 years before debuting. This is just some lingo I felt like sharing (And in the case of SM entertainment, people also use basement instead of dungeon because they have a lot of training rooms there)


    EXO had their first comeback in almost a year! it is also very special because it is the first comeback in 2 years that had all 9 member participate! They are one of the biggest boygroups and were the biggest boygroup between the years 2014-2016. They are known for their vocals. The album is amazing so check out the MV Tempo!

    Twice also had their bazillionth comeback of the year. They are the nr.1 girlgroup for some time now and they show no signs of leaving that spot. The song is a bop. Check out the MV Yes or yes.

    Feel free to ask any questions!

  2. Wassup you guys
    As for Iz*One debut mv having more views than No Way Man is because of kpop being known more worldwide and the fact kpop fans are different than jpop fans. Kpop fans stream an artist mv 24 hr.
    As for the coupling songs and mvs here are my thoughts. Imo the mvs are better than the songs. My fav pv is the u-16 senbatsu. I shocked that oya was center. I thought it would be renacchi.
    Akb team SH is also releasing a debut single soon.

  3. I’m suddenly feeling the IZ*ONE pull some now after watching the reality show at your suggestion. I have a pretty easy bias in the lineup with Hitomi and the segments at her house were great. At the moment I’m still going to hold back a little and look for this group to make more impact on one of their first comebacks, once the group chemistry has settled down.

    Looking at the singing competition, as well as the dance competition to lead the NWM performances… anyone think AKS might be trying to figure out some kind of performance-oriented unit for next year? The biggest experiment I can imagine would be making a… let’s not say kpop group, but a small static lineup, weakly centered, lead vocal oriented group that would promote mostly domestically. Or is that leaning too far into kpop land?

    I sure wish they would at least do the cheap/easy stuff to feed fans. Dance practice video? Vertical video? How about a one-hour web special reality show with the delegation going to Thailand filming their trip? These are super cheap and really help new fans learn members to boot. My dream content after P48 would be that every member gets a fancam performance video of a single once a year for the internet to pick through. Put it up next to election speeches perhaps.

  4. Gotta agree with Robin, i’ve been really enjoying the Iz*one content. I listen the song pretty much everyday, and the shows are really fun. Dangerous… 😀
    Lets hope that Jurina will be back for good with the new single. Otherwise it would be better to let someone else do it.
    Looking forward to the singing competition too. Maybe someone good will appear from the new crop of members. o/

  5. About IZ*OneChu, it looks like an interesting show. I will catch up on the show in the next few days. About the big thing that AKB48 will do to determine who is the number one member in the group, isn’t that this will replace AKB48 Kouhaku this year? About the additional tracks in the group’s next hit single, “NO WAY MAN”, the music video that has Yui Muriyama in it looks like, “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” It’s like AKB48 doing Wes Anderson. About, “NO WAY MAN”, I didn’t see Rika Nakai when I watched it the first time and I found her when I watched it the second time. She is seen in the beginning of it. About the AKB48 Senbatsu General Election next year, maybe Yuka Ogino will do an upset and win it next year like we thought that was going to happen this year. Also, hopefully that Rena Nozawa will be ranked as well. About Jurina Matsuri, does that mean that the final version of the music video of, “Sentimental Train”, will be released in their YouTube channel next week? Also, a documentary that talks about SKE48 was released in the past few weeks and it might have answered the question why Jurina did a break. About MNL48, they released two hit singles in the past few months. That means that they are a sister group as well. A topic that you could talk about in the year end review this year is favourite moments in Showroom.

  6. Its so cute how @rageBallie is so head over heels on iz*one haha anyways

    iz*one is rumored to be making their japan debut soon.. like very soon

    And also i mean for the center for no way man im really excited!

    I really miss the old akbingo where the members eat weird bugs and play dodge ball and the buzzer thing i miss is and my favorite segment was the cross dressing one i miss mayuyu hahah and more variety shows for akb i feel like they are getting slow in terms of shows i rarely see them in my feed anymore i miss it besides the announcements

    Heheh good episode guys!
    And if you need kpop inquiries dont be shy to ask

  7. Thanks for another great episode everyone.
    I agree with you guys on the coupling songs for the most part. The best song, and MV is the detective one. The song isn’t bad, and the video is at least interesting. As for the rest, there wasn’t too much to get excited about, which isn’t that unusual about coupling songs. No Way Man is still the best song on the entire CD, take that for what it’s worth.
    IZone Chu is a pretty good show, and I agree, it is putting all the AKB variety to shame, in terms of being interesting. I have long said they need to do something more with their TV shows, and it should be so easy with all of the members they have. They have so much diversity, so many different things these girls can do, yet they refuse to showcase them. They are too complacent, and need to wake up before they relax into obscurity.
    As much as I would love to see it, especially for HKT’s sake, i don’t see Haruppi coming back. I mean, it’s been pretty much a year, with little to no word on her status. I sadly believe the next announcement we hear from her will be graduation. It’s a shame, because I believe she could have outshone Sakura if she had been given the same push, but alas, it was not to be.
    Keya indeed need some new blood. Was there not some auditions for the 46 groups this summer? Whatever happened to these girls? Perhaps the new year sees the second gen of Keya, at least we can hope.
    Hope Derek is having a blast on his tour.
    Everyone, be well, and see you next week.

  8. If u want to be kpopper, plis still be aki-p kingdoms fan. Please.
    And yeah. I feel same with robin about replacing whom with gaeun. Coz they r perfectly made the group better now. And i really hate about going to thailand. Coz, u know the members who will go to thai r all top members. But when they came to indonesia, my country, they only brought the soukantoku and rest r mid-to-unknown-members. I hope akip will pay attention to JKT48 more.

  9. Shitao miu , okada nana and ….. front line

  10. Kanji Keya only has 39 members now, yone left, and zuumin left on nov. 4th

    No Way Man too good of a song, all of its B-side are forgettable