[예고] ′누가 1등 자리에 앉아!′ 드디어 시작! 6/15(금) 밤 11시 첫방송

Mnet 한일합작 글로벌 아이돌 프로젝트 프로듀스48

2018년, 당신의 소녀에게 투표하라!
국민 프로듀서님! 잘 부탁드립니다!

2018년 6월 15일 (금) 밤 11시 첫/방/송

프로듀스48 (PRODUCE48)
2018.06.15 11pm (KST)

프로듀스48 (PRODUCE48) 최신 클립 다시보기 : http://www.tving.com/smr/vod/player/P/C01_B120188419?from=youtube


  1. mnet’s love for drama again, even the thumbnail is already a dramatic clickbait. haysttt


  3. Japanese contestants are well aware about the “big difference between korean idols and japanese idols skills/levels”
    I believe akb girls can improve if they just experience the right training..
    And i believe in pd101’s mentors..look how sohye changed after the show

  4. Here we go again….

  5. Hopefully both sides are friendly to each other. I love my Korean and Japanese queens ❤️

    Edit: frankly speaking Korean idols are more highly trained than Japanese idols but, please, PLEASE don’t underestimate them! These girls may not be the best singers / dancers but they’ll work super hard!

  6. 과연 제 2의 미사모를 발굴해낼 수 있을까…

  7. Yes it is true Korean idols are more trained in singing and dancing. But Japanese idols are way better in variety hence I’m not worried about their performance as entertains. 48G members are also super busy and very hardworking and determined, just think most of them need to memorise at least 50 songs and choreos (their single has already reached 52nd, if we include B-sides, stage songs and some members’ solos there’s thousands of them). Also for those saying they’re never in sync when performing, you should know that 1 AKB48 single always composed of members from different teams and groups, each of them hv their own activities too so they hardly learn the choreo together

  8. 自分の国のアイドルが批判されて喜んでる日本人がいるのが怖いわ…

  9. これまでのプデュ見た人なら分かると思うけど、俺たちが見てきたのはサバイバルで芽生えた友情、葛藤、そしてかけがえのない青春の日々だろーが….。

  10. guys this isn’t mnet if there’s no evil editing cmon

  11. こんにちは。私は韓国人ですが、このプログラムを初めて視聴される日本人の方々のために少し説明させておくと、韓国で悪魔の編集という言葉があるほど、視聴者の好奇心を刺激する部分があり、元の序盤には、このような形式での議論を喚起がプログラムが進むにつれて、参加者の和解、友情を通じた感動を与える話になりますので注意してください。そして12人全員を韓国人の投票だけで決定しても韓国人だけ選ばれることはないと思います。元TWICEを選出したSIXTEEN放送でもsanaとminaは日本人だった韓国人が投票した7人の中に入って行きました。容姿が可愛くダンス、歌に才能があれば、明らかに日本人も選ばれたと思います。

  12. Just found out that only korea is allowed to vote.
    Rip Japanese trainees, good luck against the nationalistic and xenophobic national producers.

  13. I just want to say, this is a Korean program and Koreans will vote for the group. You decide to join this show then you have to follow the rules. Instead of saying Japanese trainees are weak because they don’t have a proper training system, fans should encourage them to try their best so they can keep up with others. It’s not a bad thing to know your weakness and try to fix it for a better you. If Japanese trainees have the abilities to do that, they will be fine. And even better, not only Korean but also Japanese may change their prejudice about them.
    But well, it’s up to them tho. I hope they realize this is a big opportunity for them. For those who are already talented to shine brighter, and for those who start from a lower level to improve themselves.

  14. I think miyawaki Sakura cried is because of her performance on the audition grading round and I guess she was sort of worried about the mentors critiques maybe but she will do well I support her

  15. MNET, i’m so angry on you. How can you be so DISRESPECTFUL with japanese people by now letting only korean people to vote for their favorite members?? WHY HAVE YOU CHANGED THE VOTING METHODE JUST NOW? EXPLAIN IT TO ME!

  16. GOD CAN PEOPLE JUST CHILL ON HATING KOREAN TRAINEES??? This is all evil editing by MNET. Please watch what happened to previous produce seasons before saying bad things about the people. Thank you.

    Note: I support both countries’ trainees but if some people dislike or hate them because of what MNET did to them, then I don’t like people who hating them.

  17. 시즌1,2 안봤는데 이건 진자 예능감으로 봐도 잼날거 같아서 기대된다 ㅋㅋㅋ

  18. 이건 진짜 딱 예능으로만 봐야됨ㅋㅋㅋ 조금만 진지하게보면 여기저기서 싸움터지니까 그냥 드라마다… 생각하고봐야 재밌으면서 마음도 편함ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 솔직히 일본애가 데뷔하든 한국애가 데뷔하든 상관없잖아 얘네 데뷔하면 우리 삶이 좋아지기를하냐 나빠지기를하냐

  19. I dont get why they excluded Japan entirely instead of making it so Japan can only vote for Korean trainees and Korea can only vote for Japanese trainees. Then the established fan bases wouldn’t even matter. But Good Luck to the Japanese trainees since now they’re going to be fighting against xenophobic and nationalist producers. If this was the case why even bother tbh. I feel bad for them.

  20. 最初から実力のある人材でデビューさせたかったなら、韓国人だけでやればよかった。kpopもガールズグループが飽和状態だし、日本とわざわざコラボさせたなら両者の良さが惹き立つような新感覚のグループにしてほしい。

  21. Everyone is supporting Sakura.. I’ll support others because I feel bad for not getting realized.

  22. mnet istg! don’t evil edit any of these precious girls like what u did to haknyeon

  23. 사쿠라는 울어도 예쁘네

  24. 외국인들 댓글 어이없네;; 한국 프로그램인데 외국 투표 안 열어준다 징징징. 야 당연하지 쟤넨 일본 탑걸그룹 멤버들에 팬덤도 빠방하고, 따라서 인지도 1도 없는 한국인 연습생들은 외국인 투표 허용하게되면 다 밀려나게 되는데 이게 더 불공평한거 아니냐? 존나 지들 입맛대로 뜯어고치려드는게 극햠이네.. 뭐 akb 멤버들은 트레이닝 시스템이 다르니 관점을 다르게 해서 봐달라 징징거리는데 한국인 일본인한테 다른 기준으로 놓고 평가하면 그게 더 불공평한거 아니냐고 ㅋㅋ 외국인들 댓글 보는데 벽을 보는 기분이다 벌써 배윤정 보고 뱀이라 욕하고 있네;; 뭐 한국인 네티즌들은 존나 물어뜯는다 뭐라하는데 셀레나 고메즈 허구한날 가창력으로 트집잡히고 카다시안가가 매일 듣는게 욕인데 ㅈㄹ하네 다른 나란 안 그런줄 아냐

  25. It’s unfair if the judges are all from korea since japanese and korean group have different vibe and style.

  26. I can stand the evil editing but I can’t stay still when I saw my 48G receive so many bad cmts.
    What is the point of saying they are untalented? Korean trainees are better than Japanese or 48G?
    Korea and Japan has different training systems. We all have alr known how K training system works. But J training system is so far different. We see them since they are just a kids, we watch them, we growing up with them. They worked so damn hard because they wanted to shine and recognized by ppl. They worked from bottom until they reach the top. From nothing to everything. That’s the reason why I love and respect Japanese idols esp the 1st and 2nd AKB generations.